Thursday, October 31, 2013

Food Trip: Yogurthy Yogurt Healthy

Yogurts - glad to have this healthy option easier to access. There are a lot of small yogurt stands here and there and everywhere, now you could have your fix done in a minute or two... unless the queue is long which is the case sometimes.
One of our latest favorite yogurt stand is the Yogurthy Yogurt Healthy! <3
One of the good reason why is because its location is the coldest part of the mall - the new wing. They serve waffles and hot drinks too. The best part is, you could choose which toppings would you get - from fruits to different kinds of nuts to delectable sweet treats!

According to them, we heart yogurt because its...

-good for your health and its a good exchange when your on a diet and craving for ice cream!

It's the perfect spot for chikahan and catching up with friends or if you just want to read and hang loose. They also have healthy lifestyle magazines which you could borrow. I one time read the benefits of eating yogurt while having one. It makes me appreciate every scoop of this yummy goodness! The crews are sweet and the price is just right! :)


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