Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Energizing Facial Foam

One of the perks of being a Belle de Jour/BDJ Box bella is that you got access to what's hot and the latest in makeup and skincare products! Just last sunday, we attended the BDJ Box' 2nd Beauty Social Event: Primp and Prettify where Garnier treats us with mocktails and reveals to us their latest skincare line...

Garnier PureActive Fruit Energy
Refresh Your Old Acne Solution

That said, this PureActive Fruit Energy Energizing Facial Foam is ideal for all skin type especially best for bellas who has oily to combination skin and is acne prone. Aside from keeping skin smooth and acne free it also targets imperfections, and in the long run promises reduction of visible pores. This yummy treat from Garnier is packed with vitamin C extracted from grapefruits and pomegranates!
The fresh fragrance and squeaky clean feel without dryness invigorates the face with a fruity burst, just the right boost to start the morning!


The orange packaging was refreshing as well - it screams "Good Morning" or "Have a happy day"! I used to think of yellow and a bit of green when my minds thinks of Garnier and now, looking at the packaging of bright yummy color of orange with citrus fruits, this has got a good "healthy" feel to it - making you wanna reach for it! :P I also love that it is house in a tube that has just the right size of orifice. The amount of product is easily controlled hence, no wastage. A pea-size for face and neck (yup, don't forget the usually neglected but must be included during facial wash - neck) is enough.
On to the substance... It is viscous enough that you could easily squeeze it out but not too watery, so again, no wastage. It looks like whitish orange with a hint of shiny little pearls and it smells so good! Sweet scented indeed!


Overall, this refreshing sweet-scented foam has extracts to remove deep-seated dirt and oil and when used regularly reduces visible pores. So, I would definitely give extra time to massage my nose area and because that is where my pores are screaming "Hello World" maybe because I pluck those nasty whiteheads!

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