Thursday, October 31, 2013

Empties October 2013

Hello November aka birth month! As I prepare myself to embrace my soon to be 26years of existence I am balancing work, baby and home. Including to home duties are my bids of adieu to my October empties to make way for new and exciting products to try such as Yves Roches, Clinique, Kiehls and many more! Now, who made it to my October 2013 list?

Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil - all about the oh-so-good sunflower, click here.
Hype Body Spray in Vamp - Nostalgic, this body spray reminds me of my college days. Walking on Harisson Road late at night because our chemistry class ends at 9pm. Running up and down the streets of Hillside early morning while avoiding dogs on the loose, catching my breath and wishful thinking for a waiting jeep so I wouldn't have to wait an extra 15minutes or so, or else it would mean being late on my Surveying class, which means I either have to look for my group on Burnham Park or enter the back door and sneak my way to a vacant seat without noticing which is better than to completely diss my class and hope, that no pop quiz or the field experiment is not yet through or else I'm dead. This reminds me of picnic square's stone table with chessboards and rough seats, Athletic Bowls dirt paths, of my walks with friends on the busy and noisy session road while licking selecta ice cream while discussing our frustrations either on our demanding instructors and the formulas we have to sing and dance to the finale. This scent reminds me of governor pack road and its street food which means merienda for some and lunch for other students, of Maharlika's single escalator (which is the oldest escalator in Baguio, btw), of Abanao Square, SM Baguio's Shakeys nights and most of all, this reminds me of monthsarry dates with my boyfriend-then husband-and-father-of-my-child-now.
Physiogel Intensive Cream - read about my self-made-and-impose challenge and result here.
Splash Control Hair Polish Hairdressing Cream - not that bad, I just wish it smelled a little better - I mean smelled good.
SpectraBan - wicked SPF60 here.
Sweet Honesty Body Talc Powder - feminine, mild, classic.
Body Recipe Skin Lightening Hand and Body Lotion in Papaya - thanks to the peachy pink sisters for letting me try this yummy lotion, here.
Etude House Oh M'Eye Lash in curling and clean - all about this Korean mascara here.

That's it. See you on my November empties. I am happy to say I'm half way through some of my old stocks here in my vanity. Empties posts is a breather, I tell you, especially if you don't have that much of space to put things you love to hoard! ;)


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