Sunday, September 29, 2013

Physiogel Intensive Cream

Hi everyone! I will introduce Physiogel Intensive Cream with my blog partner  in this post, Gift Factory's Sponge Bob Squarepants in his cowboy attire!
After washing the plates or doing the laundry, my skin feels very rough - and if you are like me, then this my friend is the thing you need. Easily absorbed by skin, making it smoother and moisturized as well.


If your skin is snake-skin-like dry, this will be your bff, holy grail everyday cream until it repairs your skin and turn it to normal that will take 7 days more or else depending on how often and how religious you use it.
But if you are an oil factory, then you might want to keep your face a distance with this just to avoid that tiny little zit breaking out plus a chance to land a humongous volcano of acne somewhere on your t-zone area and just focus on the other "drier" parts of your body like your knuckles, elbows, outer ankle bones, heels and the "four tires of the feet"(don't know? Google it!).

physiogel intensive cream

Did I mention I'm oily? OK, I'm oily, normal and dry all at the same time! My upper forehead is usually snake-like dry (ugly truth), t-zone is t-zone you know the drill (OK, if you don't, its oily), lids are oily too (hello eye primers!) and the rest was a thumbs up (normal!) so once a week a dot size on my forehead is a good go after shower! ;)

Howdy Spongebob!
Physiogel Intensive Cream - Php574.50

The packaging is simple and the orifice is just enough to squeeze a pea size without wasting any and is hygienic to use as well.

Good to know about Physiogel Intensive Cream is that it is-
*Hypoallergenic and emollient
*Has Derma Membrane Structure (DMS)- a high Lipid Moisturizing Cream providing natural lipids
*No colourants, perfume and preservatives
*No pungent smell, unscented
*Soothes very dry, irritated skin
*Safe for babies' sensitive skin
*Affordable for Php 574.50/50ml

Two powerful words: Potent and hydrating.

It doesn't go a around the bush, its straight to the point, to its job - to moisturize. Its plain, safe and effective.


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