Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Food Trip: Nescafe Frappe

Hot weather won't stop coffee lovers from drinking their favourite, right? What more when if it is served cold with a twist? Aside from freshly brewed, coffee with ice is le bomb!
Nescafe launch another variant of their coffee goodness – the Nestle Frappe! It comes in two different flavours:
Cookies ‘n Cream
imageChoco ‘n Mallows!
I’m addicted to Nescafe Frappe Choco ‘n Mallows, while Beth pegs the Cookies ‘n Cream! How did we end up to this new addiction?
Once upon a gloomy afternoon, (it was rather raining cows and goats outside – yeah extreme weather), the family decided to take a hike inside the (metaphoric mountain) mall of course and my sister and I stumble upon this...
A smiling maiden awaiting our arrival politely asks us if we would like to try her frappe on whichever of the two ... And we said “Both”.
The lady asked us if we want to try the new Nescafe Frappe and we said yes! -maybe because the lady is too enthusiastic (caffeine overload?) or because the coffee lover in me can't turn down that nostalgic aroma
 or was is because of my love for mallows and maybe because the cups are attention seeker?
So there, each of us got two cups of ice coffee with cookies on one and mallows on the other.
The cookie crumbles on top melts in my mouth while adding flavour to the drink whiles the “tough” little mallows (do not belittle those white pillow glucose) are somewhat resistant to the bite giving texture to this cold concoction of caffeine and everything nice - great difference and good choices of flavours indeed. Nescafe’s Frappes would surely beat the heat! For only Php10 per pack, you’ll get to enjoy a next-to-the level iced coffee drink!
Have you tried the Nescafe Frappe? Are you team cookies or team mallows? Fire away!

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