Sunday, September 29, 2013

Physiogel Cream

I'm not used on slapping sticky lotion and viscous sunscreen, what more of moisturizers and creams? The result? Obviously, dry, irritated and snake-like skin - not a pretty sight nor a good feel to touch. Growing up makes you self-conscious... cutting my introduction short (lol) I embrace everything skincare related and I'm now open about new or not familiar skin friendly product just like Physiogel. First bump to it on a mom-baby event, so yeah that means its good for sensitive skin like baby's bum!
What I do depends on where I am going to stay. I freelance so no morning routine and night ritual - it really depends on what, when, and where. When it comes to Physiogel Cream, I put a thin-film of this on my face by gently tapping my skin yoga-face-style and the rest of it will land on my knuckles, elbows, knees and ankles.
I have a lot of these samples from various events and I'm planning to buy a full size after consuming everything on my stash!

Physiogel Cream is available for Php549.50

This cream is made for red, dehydrated and sensitive skin. No colorants, fragrances and preservatives, just natural lipids and DMS that repairs skin while moisturizing and hydrating it! It even promises to repair and moisturize skin up to 3 days! Really a must try! ;)
If you are into makeup like me, you could you this as a moisturizer and face primer in one as it gives a smooth canvass especially if you are going to stay on an air-conditioned room or in a cool weather, so I keep a sachet on my travel kit (inside a ziplock to avoid spillage). This is also safe for baby's sensitive skin. I use this for my baby's knees and elbows just after taking a bath!
Take a chance with Physiogel Cream, especially if you are stress, a smoker, loves soaps! Have a happy skin everyone!


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