Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Empties August 2013

Gahhh! i fully wrote this post for three times now and I always accidentally delete everything for some reason and it all went gone! I wanna punch a Janet Napoles and skin her bebe gerr alive anytime today! Now, if only she wasn't that sick?! Again, for the fourth time (Good thing this "Empties" is somewhat a let-go unwind post therapy...) here are my empties for the month of August 2013!

This month's empties was humongous! I'm so proud of myself I need to pat myself on the back and say "two thumbs up for good riddance! Great hobby it should be a habit!" - I was thinking of doing my empties on a monthly basis as I initially attached the month and year on my previous empties... to (1) encourage myself to consume everything I have on my vanity - so I (2) could finally say something about that something since I could have said something about it when it was still quite new - say half of it was still full but due to a hundred reasons and excuses, last drops was consumed and am still mum about it... until now! :) - hence (3) will be aware that I don't need to buy "that thing that will go perfectly with ..." "that new brand of .../line of... "and "this thing that will match, complete, complement, blah blah blah yadah yadah yadah..." since I still have some things (similar) to finish up first and lastly, I believe having my monthly "empties" is a way to personally somehow (4) cure impulse shopping and hoarding (5) avoid "things i regret buying" and (6) future resentments like credit card limit charges! #ehem All this (7) while creating a list of "holy grail products" in my head. :)

So anyways, empties included here are a mixture of our family's recent favorite products and new random finds... Starting from upper left clockwise...

Avon Naturals Whitening Face Lotion -  in rose and rose-hips. I had nothing much to say to this product except that I'd used this as my makeup remover and moisturizer wrapped in one bottle on times when I'm too lazy to clean my face out of makeup especially when it's on the wee hours of the night. As a daily moisturizer, a pea and a half-size is enough for my entire face and neck to avoid excessive oil due to hot weather just like what I would normally do in any other moisturizer out there, but when I know I'll stay on an a/c room, I slap this on whenever I remember to do so. Hint: I put this on an arm's length away. ;)

Etude House Oh M Liquid Eye Liner - that I bought using my BDJ discount coupon last year. and a random black bear eyeliner that I got from Bonchic. Now I'm stuck with an ELF Gel Liner for smokey eyes and a Maybelline Masterliner in Brown for neutral looks that I won here. :)

United Homes Calactate & Fersulfate Iron and Anlene Total - my two over-the-counter everyday maintenance. For hair loss, sleepless nights and nursing a year old infant. :) Totally, love the taste of Anlene and I'm currently trying the chocolate flavor and will go back to vanilla because I decided I'll alternately the flavors. I wish they had it in Hazel flavor as well though just like Anmum! :)

Vitress Hair Polish in Strengthening - I'm ready to try another variant from this Vitress hair polish line anytime soon! :)

GOODSKINLAB Intense Clarity + Smoothing Peptide Serum - I bid my bittersweet goodbye before chopping off its tail while repeating "Off with its head!" with the Queen of Heart's baritone. Dramatic. But seriously, scooping the last cream out of its tube? It means quality at its best! This could have been my holy grail - replacing primer and moisturizer when I'm on the go since this really holds my makeup together and silky smooth face canvass just right after application! It glides on seriously! I'm so happy I get the chance to try this product by winning it on a GSK giveaway held by The Beautinomics way way back... My hopes are still up though, that this brand will find its way back here in the Philippines just like the ZA Cosmetics everyone is talking about! :) #staypositive

Maybelline Shine Free Cake Powder - in 04 Honey with SPF25 and PA++ stays true to its promises of
  • All day Shine COntrol
  • UV protection
  • Fairer Skin
  • Conceals
  • Long wear
  • Smoothes
  • Evens
  • Non Comedogenic
The only turn off? Its formula is too brittle, it cracks and breaks easily. Guess what? I'm one of the few that got a broken cake! Just my luck! That leads me to give in and spill the beans - I really didn't used this up, it just dust my makeup kit and anything it got in-touch with it until its gone. So hey Maybelline New York, I need a refund refill! Yes a refill would suffice! ;)

ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder -  in warm tan. Nostalgic. This is my first ELF makeup product after I've been swept away for face paint passion! And Michelle Phan's tutorial using shimmer bronzer as contour and eyeshadow makes me love this more. Another must-have when you're on the go and ready to run! :)

Cortizan - be it pimple, rashes, inflamation, fungi whatsoever, my family would just dab a cortizan! Its our ointment holy grail if that makes sense. Less than Php200.00 a tube.

4Life Transfer Factor Riovida Bursts - that I talked about in my last month's empties.

4Life Transfer Factor Glutamine Prime - for less than Php3300.00, you'll get 180 capsules of building blocks that'll
  • help you fight stress and avoid depression
  • mood stabilizer - bipolar bears are out!
  • more energy reserves - if you're a mom, nursing a year old, working and at home you need to reserve all the energy you could surely use for extra extra :)
  • encourages your body to produce glutathione - whitening was not my priority (although I have several whitening products) but this will make you fairer while
  • protecting your liver - love your liver not your liquor
  • glutathione as body's antioxidant to fight free radicals
What are you waiting for, grab a Glutamine Prime now! You need it!

Sesou Haul Empties - including Giga Baby Insect Repellent Spray, Milea Baby Baby Cleaner and Human Heart Nature Spray Sanitizer. That is actually our 2nd Milea Baby Cleaner - my best friend when water is no where!

Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo and Conditioner - is my every month favorites, can you tell? Can't believe we used up 3 refill sachets of Sunsilk pink, I guess Sarah G.'s irresistible commercial holds true to the family. I however find that the conditioner didn't really conditioned my hair so...

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner - is my perfect match! Sunsilk pink shampoo + this Dove conditioner = good smelling tangle free hair! It's love! I skip the Dove shampoo partner 'cause it tends to make my hair oily!

Black Beauty Shampoo in Crystal - yup, I ate up my words. This is my 3rd bottle and still counting!

Avon Skin So Soft Silky Moisture replenishing lotion with argan oil -  this sounds weird but at first, the scent of this lotion reminds me of coffins and burials, of small violet flowers used to that sad occasions... but as my nose adjusted (can't resist the organ oil goodness) and so, I'm done with the first bottle and since I bought two of these, I'm down to use the next last bottle. I'm not so sure if I would go buy this SSS lotion again, I might try another brand. But the argan oil - so we never know! Argan oil is good!

Johnsons Baby Powder - in pink included in my Johnson Baby Haul

Johnsons Baby Cooling Bath and Milk Bath - Last summer, I gave my babe a treat by switching to Johnsons Baby Cooling Bath, its like minty cool and he loves it too! And, later on we return to our love at first smell - the milk bath! It reminds me of my newborn baby Clyde! P.S. our first love was the orangey no tears formula!

That's it! Hello September! I'm so happy! If you're following me on my social media then you know why! Hint: Google Nexus 7! Ow Em Ji!


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