Friday, August 30, 2013

Food Trip: Casa Empanada Assorted Empanaditas and Megamelt's Mulach Cheese Ensaymada

Almost all Filipinos have 6 meals of the day - at least to our family this is true enough. We grew up to a home of 6meals a day - up until we are highschool, college life ruins everything!  The main breakfast, lunch and supper and the 10:00am morning snack, the 3:00 merienda snack right after siesta and the midnight snack which could go from 9pm to as late as 12midnight!
Aside from our usual Q's (banana, camote, turon), two of my other favorite meriendas are savory empanadas and cheesy ensaymadas!
Empanada; a crescent-shaped pastry - filled with stuffed mix of ground meat (like tuna, chicken, beef and pork) and diced veggies (like potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes) green peas, raisins, cheese, and eggs, and some innovative empanadas are a surprise of sweet chocolate, and other sweet fruits like baked ripe mangoes and savory apple pie flavor! It is also considered as traditional Filipino food.
The box looks like a picnic table-cloth of checked white and gradient red.
While the empanaditas are wrapped individually and labeled in red mark. There is tuna, spicy tuna, chicken and beef, bacon and cheese.
Savory! Perfect with hot cup of coffee or cold ice tea! <3
Closer look at the yummy diced potatoes, scrambled eggs, raisins and chicken fiber.
Ensaymada; is a baked yellow pastry usually topped with grated cheese and is always available at your local bakery shops. ;0)
This time we got ours from Megamelt's! :)
This is what we have (photo from Megamelt FB page)
Happy 20 years of baking goodness!
 This comes in a red, Chinese-like special box with a 20-years-anniversary logo, wrapped in a simple plastic raw ribbon that could be use to carry around - no additional plastic/paper bag. Thumbs up! There is also a customized Megamelt plastic wrapper for each individual ensaymada, rowed and not on top of each other. Another thumbs up! According to the website - Muhlach’s Ensaymada comes in flavors of original-cheese, ham, macapuno, salted egg, ube, red beans, yema and chocolate, and seasonal flavors like Pandan, Durian and Banana. I personally wanna try the Durian flavor! I'm curiously hungry for that caramelly durian flavored cuppy ensaymada! :D #stomachgrowling
Love the toasted sugary cheese on top!
The soft and moist bread balanced out the salty cheese...
Did this post makes you hungry? It sure did to me! What are you pegging for? The Savory Empanadas or the Cheesy Ensaymadas?


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