Friday, August 23, 2013

Hoffman Clean Air System

If you have a baby, or if you or any of your family members are sensitive - allergic, easily irritated with dust, have sinusitis or can't breathe well when the air is "polluted". Then, you might want to consider buying this. That is the same reason, I decided to go for this, - but be sure you have fully decided to dive in and purchase this because it is worth Php60,000.00 (if I'm not mistaken)! People, plants and pets cause airborne particles that affects are overall well being - its passable for some and hard for sensitive as previously mention.

Hoffman Clean Air System reduces the amount of animal dander and industrial pollutants in the air improving its quality in the process making it healthier and safe.

Filtrations have several stages including:

*Pre-Filter - catches big particles including human hair, pet hair, strings, threads and cobwebs
*Formaldehyde Filterer Multi-Care Filter - has antibacterial substance, traps dust, pollen and ultrafine particles larger than 20 nanometers including bacteria and some viruses. Hence making this a good appliance to have if you have a residing patient in the house.
Good to know: World Health Organization reported the Avian Virus, Human Influenza Viruses and the Legionella Bacterium are larger than 20 nanometers.
*Activated Carbon Filter - removes odor and harmful gases effectively. Can conveniently be use after cooking smelly dishes in the kitchen - with style! I personally use this too to clean the air after we insect-spray-repellant our rooms. ;)
*HEPA Filter - has antibacterial coating that effectively removes finer dust, cigarette smoke, organic germs and moulds. Perfect mould reducer during humid weather.
Aside from the common on/off mode button with light, power button, and fan speed. It also comes with light sensor for night mode, silent button, automatic button, replacement filter indication and air quality indication light.
Color - Air Quality
Blue - Very Good
Green - Good
Purple - Fair
Red - Bad

This is what it looks like after opening it in our air-conditioned room. Note that the air quality indication is set to standard, which means it could go to purple or even red if its put to sensitive motion.
Then after several minutes, the air quality indicated very good quality air!
In addition to this, it could maintain the temperature of the room, so we could set our air condition unit into automatic or one hour earlier (time setting) before automatic turn off and still have the "coolness" linger longer.
Very useful indeed, the only downside I guess is the way the air is going. As seen in the picture above, the mouth of the fan is facing upward! It would be more useful as a "fan" if it could rotate and is horizontally aligned!
Have you tried any Hoffman products before? More Hoffman goodness coming soon!


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