Monday, August 19, 2013

Skincare General Rules

I don't have the perfect skin, (not the worst either) and I encounter several problems but of course, all these have simple solutions and preventions. This post summarizes the general rules when it comes to skincare (and overall health). Some rules usually takes a lot of discipline and practice but the results are oh-so-worth-it! Read on!
The Don't's
*don't squeeze that juicy zit! - its nasty and unhygienic! Popping pimples not only stress out the skin's delicate follicles but also spread the bacteria into the deeper layer causing more breakouts, swelling, more redness, infection, irritation and at the long run larger pores. So better keep your hands off your face! (I used to be a culprit on this but glad to say I'm hands-free since learning this, unless I'm asleep...)
* it's a crime to be a night owl! - if you're an early to bed early to rise morning lark, congratulations! But if you lurk at night seeking opportunities (lol) like a night owl that I am- welcome to the cult of big fluffy eye bags, red shot eyes and overall dull skin! The thing is, the body needs to rest at night, to repair damaged cells, to keep skin fresh and healthy. The body self detoxify at night.So if can't getaway with night outs or night shifts for that matter, be sure to let your body rest at least 6hours a day. 10 to 15minutes power naps makes a big difference too - its like a quickie charge! ;)
*do not mix and just match - you could if we're talking about fashionable clothes, but since this is all about skincare, lets stay away from mixing and concentrate on matching. Although a product is best used with its partner brand, let's be real here and forgive ourselves by not buying the entire skincare line. Your favorite toner brand is different from your favorite moisturizer. Okay the thing is, its okay, deal with it but remember this - know your skin type, if your oily like me, do check the label if its for oily skin. Do not ever do with a toner for oily skin then a moisturizer emollient for super dry skin. The products will fight not the enemy of your skin, but each other! That's a bit dramatic, but you got me right? :)
I wish I was this flawless! No pores!
Or this smooth!
The Do's
*favorite drink: colorless tasteless ice-cold water - it's a thirst quencher, body replenisher and the best part is, its cheap, organic and natural! You are 70% water darling! ;)
Why cold? It burns calories. Hitting two birdies in one ice-cold rock! Squeeze out some lemon on to your water to add a hint of citrus - it burns calories too.
*the usual tips of eating healthy and working out - eat fresh fruits and vegetables, if its says it's a corn and it doesn't look like a corn anymore then you know it undergo a lot of food processes - preservatives and cancer-causing chemicals are lurking around that juicy piece of junk #truthhurtsalot! Skip it.
If you're not in a hurry skip the elevator, skip the escalator, take the stairs. Commute if safe and possible. Walk. Run.
My no-makeup makeup face :)
full makeup face :)
These tips are easier said than done. I have to focus on losing weight as well, it is hard and I'm under the impression that "no-pain-no-gain" is freaking unbearable!
Discipline is one key, attitude is another. You will walk, run, stumble and fall. And you know what, Its okay. Just put yourself together and rise. :) rise, try again and live life. Besides, #YOLO! Why be unhealthy, right?


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