Tuesday, August 06, 2013

History and Heraldry Handbag Hangers

I've got to admit, I'm one of those many that put their bags on the floor. #shame I'd rather though, than getting the chance to "drop" it like it's hot! It would be worse, what? I always carry my calculator, digital camera, tablet and phone in it and (of course) my makeup kit. I don't wanna end up with colorful dusts and cracks here and there... that's one of my mundane problems every time! Until I discover this #bagsavior!

H&H Personalized Handbag Hangers (Php199.00)
Keeps bag safe, clean and in my reach! :)

Easy to use too... just place it on the edge of a table or any stable surface like a hook and hang your bag or purse beneath it. It's surprisingly light for a very sturdy "heavy-duty" (could carry a whopping load of 10kgs!) carrier. A-mazing! But hold your horses... if you are afraid it'll dent or leave a mark on your precious furnitures then, you are wrong and definitely judgmental! lol kidding aside and flipping it over, you'll see a smooth soft "cushioned" felt paper like back so it not only protect your bag, it also protects your furniture. Win-win!


The amazement doesn't stop there! Can't you see those cute tiny girly flowery details! It screams dainty! If your name is common, you might get the chance to find your name written in it! Cool huh! Talk about personalizing! Perfect little gift for your sisters, mom and friends. And for those with unique or out of this world names, like I do (Gerry + Ellen = Gerilen #naks)  you could still perk it up by choosing encouraging words that will lift your spirit high in an unexpected moment - like when your order was taking too long. #boo


Here i choose the word "smile" in cute cursive letters - so that when I'm the one to pay the bill and leave a tip - I'll smile with a green leftover peeking in between my incisor - okay I'll stop rambling!


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