Sunday, August 11, 2013

TCAT Philippines Haul

This post is 6months late, but doesn't matter - better to be late than never! :P
Anyways, these are what we got from our first online shopping with Tcat Philippines! And sadly, I think this would be our last. :I

An HL & Rich 4.0 Android Tablet, 3 Y-Pad English computer 2 in blue and 1 in pink and a white hanging jewelry organizer!
Y-Pad English Computers are just in time for my nephew - LJ, niece - A and my baby JC.
Babe loves it but I personally hate it. It's disappointing! The site has very deceiving "photos". It is as if, the item is sophisticatedly made from quality materials, not made of cheap looking plastic. The was below "ok" and it is operated by 4 AA batteries - mind you, it consumes the juice faster than it looks to be. The display is a cheap blurry print, The price is so very wrong!!! Tcat Philippines claimed it to be around Php900 and slashing off more than 50%, selling it for only Php399.00 Thought it was a steal at first so I grabbed 3. And as it is, it is not. I just so happen that kids aren't choosy, and he even wants to keep the box because he thinks it part of his playtoy...
The worse part is, after having these y-pads, I saw Deal Grocer selling this for only Php150.00!!! Whut!
Sadly, this is also overpriced! I saw a "sturdier" version of this at the local market for only P100.00! Think about Tcat Philippines selling this on a discounted price of Php139.00! lol Cheap find! Yeah, right! >:(
my jewelry organizer is still fine being my makeup stash  ‪#‎share‬ from Camera360#
The Jewelry Organizer (Php139.00) is fine except that I had to put something on its sleeve to avoid hunchback! Can you spot that? That's a recycled piece of babe's playtoy! :S
Got the YPad for 399php each, Android Tablet for 3777php (will do a separate blogpost about this soon) and organizer for 139php for a total of 8113.00 + the shipping fee! According to their site I saved 6236.00! Cool huh?
But why after getting the items did i feel betrayed and fooled?
First off, Tcat Philippines prices are way way way over to the top!
Ypad at department stores were like a 150 a piece! Really felt horrible!
The organizer is only 80-100php only! I felt i was robbed! and still is!
Learned my lessons the hard way:
- before buying "sale" items online make sure it is not available on your local store and/or not cheaper (well I know it somewhat "defeat" the purpose of shopping online and/so...)
-if you can't afford to stroll downtown to check things out, then browse other online shops and compare prices including shipping fees! Other shops online delivers free if you're in the metro or becomes free when you reach a certain amount.
-use coupons, discount codes and always watch out for sales. Online shops have more frequent sales than physical stores.
I'll try shopping on cash cash pinoy, deal grocer, zalora and lazada. :) I will never ever be going back to Tcat ever!
Do you have bad experience on shopping online? Any other trusted online shops you wanna recommend? Comment on the section bar below.


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