Sunday, August 25, 2013

1721 Haul

Thin and fine. That's the perfect description I could give my locks and that's the same reason why I have a love-hate relationship with it. When its not that hot and humid, I could totally skip conditioner (because i would end up oily) or use just a shampoo+conditioner in one concoction and live - more so nailed it and still have a fabulous hair day! Yup, until I got a mild hair loss -lack of iron I guess... (talk about self-diagnose - don't ever do that and yup, my OB's findings was true - lack of iron due to breastfeeding) Did I mention I got thin fine hair, and I can't afford hair loss mild or not! Cut the chase, I give my hair some love with Sesou goodies like HHN HAIR MASK and HHN SUNFLOWER OIL and other HHN Hair Products... Aside from that, I decided to glam my locks with detachable hair extensions from 1721.
With hair extension...
This gave me fuller looking hair and instant digital perm!

Hair Clip Extensions (Curly Ends in Blackish Brown Color) - Php750.00 also available in different hair styles and colors, synthetic and human hair (varies price)
Hair Extension Detangler Spray - Php200.00 to softens, conditions and moisturise the hair extensions
Volume Base Hair Volumizing Set of 2 - Php99.00 its a Velcro Volumizer - hair spray effect without the chemicals and teasing - another hair damage avoided
Plus, more 1721 goodies!  :D  The lady gave me freebies, like this two cute hair velcros and a special hair clip bobby pin - I think its called as hair volumizing inserts! Stay tuned, as I will do a separate blog post on how to keep those glamorous hair extensions soft, shiny and tangle-free! :)
Have you tried any hair extensions before? What's your thought about it? Share on the comment section down below. Have a happy hair day! xx


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