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Guest Post: Money Saving on Smartphones

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Your smartphone may be one of the biggest investments you make this year, but that doesn't mean it has to be your most expensive purchase. With the price points on mobile devices climbing sky high (and their data plans, too), it’s more important than ever to make sure that you’re getting the most value for your money. Which smartphone gives you the best return for your money? Keep reading to find out.

Blackberry Z10

Starting with the most recent release, the Blackberry Z10 is the all-touch screen phone released by the retailer primarily known for its trusty keypads and business-friendly phones. The Z10 packs plenty of surprises, including a new operation system, BB10, as well as an improved interface capable of running up to eight apps at a time. The most pleasant surprise of all, however, might just be the price; the Blackberry Z10’s price starts at just under P30,000.

Apple iPhone 5
For loyal Apple customers, there may not be anything quite like an iPhone. This mobile model has changed very little throughout its generational span, and the iPhone 5 holds true to this design pattern. However, Apple enthusiasts will readily notice even the small tweaks, such as a new “low-light” mode for the phone’s camera, or the faster shutter speed. But with prices starting at P35,400, it’s hard to believe that the iPhone 5 can beat any other smartphone in price.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

The newest release from Samsung is a waterproof  version of its Galaxy S4. While the original phone garnered reviews for its specs--namely, its large screen and excellent video playback quality--the Active logs extra points for accident-prone users. This spec is worth the money alone, if you find yourself dropping your very expensive smartphone into water often; reportedly, you can leave this one fully immersed in water for up to half an hour without any damage. And with a price around P27,990, it’s on par with Blackberry’s Z10 and less expensive than its Apple counterpart.

Nokia Lumia 920

Also known as Windows Phone 8, this Nokia update is being marketed as the device that functions as a camera first, then a phone. It does provide a stunning F2.0 lens, as well as features like image stabilisation and a low-light setting. But what astounds consumers the most about this phone is the price. It’s the lowest on our list, at around P27,000.

Other Ways To Save

Of course, if you’re trying to assess the true cost of a smartphone, the sale price is just the beginning. You can almost always get these phones for a fraction of their respective costs by signing on for a plan at the time of purchase. And when it comes to paying for data, there are ways to make your phone bill cheaper if you don’t have an unlimited data plan. Always look for wifi hotspots that you can tap into instead of using your phone’s data, for example, or bookmark mobile-optimised websites to save on data usage.

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