Monday, September 30, 2013

BDJ Box Beauty Social: Primp and Prettify

Hey hey hey! I wanna highlight the good parts of my September because I ended it with concoctions of dark grief and small smiles. The lastest hype after Google Nexus 7 and newKube Mp3 was this...

This marks the first 6 successful months of the BDJ Box and the second BDJ Box Beauty Social event! Read about the first BDJ Box Beauty Social event here.

BDJ Box Beauty Social Event: Primp and Prettify

I was also halfhearted to go to this event. I just want to sulk in bed and sleep (more like think) myself away. But a Facebook friend also a BDJ girl (hello Sheena Camille) reminds me to choose to "Roar" like Katy Perry than ride the "Wrecking Ball" with Miley Cyrus. It's more sexy (and definitely not disgusting btw)!
It's already past 11am, the event started at 10am. I felt dreaded. I'm super late with no one to go with!!! I scan FB on my phone while lying down on my bed and saw updates from BDJ Box's FB page. Minutes later I thought, "I got two invites (means to beauty talks) and it would start at 2:40pm. I still got time!" I ask my ever supportive hubby to drive us (babe and mom aka walk-in bella - who decided to come along because of her apo and the calling of the BDJ girl inside her, lol) to the Skydome of SM North Edsa. We are coming from Makati. On our way, we debated whether to chance the long and winding C5 or take the risk of EDSA. We took EDSA, and thank goodness the traffic is not a bottleneck. We arrived earlier than my scheduled talk and so we get the chance to roam around the booths first. Our first stop,
Babe drank 3 tubes of this concoction
of four season and lemon. I asked the bartender if it has alcohol and if its safe for my baby and he said YES. I repeat, I asked the bartender if it has alcohol and if its safe for my baby and he said YES. It's cocktail without the rum, hence a mocktail! :)
First tube. Look on how the way he stares...
Second tube. One of the bartenders (not so sure though) take a photo of him sipping away with his red straw and pinky at that.DSC00478
Third tube. He just got to do what he want to do. Sip. The bartender? by the way, move along to his post. I guess his ears are not used to shouting little infant who wants a tube. Yes, he shouts in between his drinks. The boy needs his drink man.
The fourth drink and his first and last Mojito?
A more decent photo, to give Garnier's Mojito bartenders justice.
Add crushed ice on top and its good to go! On to booth hopping!
Garnier - After our refreshing mocktails, we were introduced by Garniers soon to come product, that I'll be posting very soon!
Ralph Lauren - teased us with four different delights of fresh and fun fragrances for women! I prefer the sporty no 1 and mom got the flowery no 3. :)
Goody - offers new chic hairstyles and sells their goodies for 20% less exclusively for BDJ Bellas!
Revlon - had two booths, one for coloring hair and the other for a fabulous makeover and makeup experimentation using their latest makeup line!DSC00485
Covergirl - challenge BDJ girls to take the Clump Crusher Challenge with their latest mascara!DSC00486
Cure - being a BDJ girl has a lot of benefits - like introducing us to new skincare line: Cure!DSC00487
Too Cool For School - BDJ Box first introduces TCFS on BDJ Rendezvous: Work Your Way To The Top event held last last month... and now we queue to play a traditional Korean game Yutnori!DSC00488
Finally, my 2:40pm beauty talk with Bobby Carlos' Max Factor's How Do I Look? Hosted by Ms. Tricia Abad!
Loot bag goodies, product samples, photo booth pictures and game prizes!
Other sponsors:
Cosmopolitan magazine, Women's Health magazine, Bifesta, L'oreal,
Lucido-L, Yves Rocher
Celeteque, Maybelline, Skydome,
Again, thank you so much BDJ Box for the invite. It takes our minds off the problems we had and we really enjoyed the event! :)

See you girls on the BDJ Fair! :D #excited


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