Monday, April 08, 2013

First BDJ BOX Beauty Social

Welcome back from a looong extended vacation! I was supposed to post this before the holiday, but what the heck - accident do happen - long story short, we're back and I'll try to burn the keyboard and publish several posts right before I start designing again. *crossing fingers. :)

As a breastfeeding mom, I hesitated to join this event, thinking I can’t handle babe while strolling around, he might cry - or worse poop (now could i handle that, ey?) and people enjoying the event might get irritated. But a day before the deadline, the girly girl in me gave in! :P With a little help and push from my girly girl family as well, they promised to help carry babe around and my hubby has a project site inspection -  in Tondo, Manila – and volunteered to drop us at Mall of Asia on his way. So, through that arrangement, I pre-register all of us! :P

This is the first BDJ Box Social Event and I am excited on what is in store, for sure it will be a fun-filled event just like the past belle de jour events I've attended like -
If you wanna see more about my Belle de Jour events and reviews click here.

We arrived before 1pm, fortunately its babe's siesta time after nursing. We put him in his stroller and secure him first before entering the atrium - just in time for our reserved talk with the Beauty Ministry! :P
I am so thankful that the event was held inside the mall given that my babe is sleeping, I won't worry about him sweating his back. :)
The registration booth is jampacked but still well organized, no scratch that, the entire atrium is well organized - hats off to the grace under pressure BDJ Team bellas!

10minutes before the talk, we decided to hop on the nearby booths -
Selena Gomez Perfume Booth
Fashbook GMA 7 Flash TV

wherein we get to pick a prize just after signing our name. HILARIOUS! Mom, Beth and I got a mirror keychain while Tita Nida got a pouch. I was eyeing the foldable handfan (summer necessity) but what the heck, it's just me being silly. :)

And oooh, someone from GMA noticed my pretty sister and invited her to an impromptu interview! How cool is that!
@Beth - Ikaw na! Ikaw na ang maganda! :P
The talk was hosted by Ms. Kat Dy. I get to see some of the Beauty Ministry Gurus in person especially Tara of The Chronicles of Vanity that I've been longing to see. Unfortunately I'm too shy to approach her but I really really love this girl and her blog! - link on my blog about her.

I learned a lot from this talk, although I didn't get the chance to ask my beauty question - do they put makeup on when they swim? what makeup is suitable as beach wear? - I suppose I had to just ask these on their blog site (link BDJ Box) instead because I really wanna know. If you have suggestions and answers to my dilemma, share them below.

Here are some of the photos we took during the event.
Physiogel and Oilatum - At 35.8moisture, I am proud to announce that my skin IS hydrated! Hooray for healthy skin!
Snow Beauty
DSC_1231Browhaus and Strip
We love posing on this girly photo booth,
though we forgot to get a snap of the pink carpet - that - my girls are to "die" for (you know what I mean) and its fun to learn that Ms. Candice is the girly girl behind that masterpiece! Talk about being KIKAY!
I'm so excited (IDK when did my excitement surpassed but I eat a good meal before this event so my energy is at its peak i guess- like a real warrior ready for battle! Hahaha) to see the shiseido (my sister and i just attended a Shiseido event a day before this event at Alabang Town Center - its a makeup session with BlessMyBag, click this link to go there) booth after learning that I had
a free makeover gift voucher - because we dig in the loot bag way before going home! :P The makeup artist is very friendly and she has light hands.
Can you tell I love my transformation?
That's me and Beth with babe after the transformation! :D
(Beth had a makeup retouch)
We had fun trying out the Yuki Nail Polish remover - perfect for moms with little tiny babes (link of post about baby here)!
Happy to say that a BDJ Event whether it's their powerplanner or just like now their beauty box, bellas won't go home without a loot!

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