Wednesday, April 24, 2013

FOOD TRIP: Beard Papa's

I just love the convenience of living near a mall! :P A ride away to Market! Market! is our ticket to airconditioned wonderland! And I just can't wait for SM Aura Taguig to open up this May 17(that's our wedding anniversary! Double tap!! Ha!) That said, we are almost everyday inside the mall this past few days because the heat is just so unbearable plus our electric bill is like a racing horse from Php4.5k a month, it runs to Php8.2k! Whoah! Do we work just to pay the bills?

Okay, enough of my rants! Now, what would you do when you are always out inside the mall? You'll end up eating all of the restaurants and fastfood chains! Elsie's Owlisms neighbor Beard Papa's is the star of this post!

Sorry for the crappy photos, the light was dim and my crappy phone was not iPhone5... yet! :3
This bearded grandfather below reminds me of the seven dwarfs, I always look at it and search for his pick! #melosingmyheadagain

What my Beard Papa (that's my dad)  randomly choose for me - Yummy Tiramisu
and since Elsie's Owlisms is just a neighbor we tend to hop around them and buy this and that and eat here and there... :P

After the food trip...

imageOooh.. Do you see the Moshi Manju?
More Owlisms and Beard Papa's soon!
xx, GeriLen

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