Monday, April 08, 2013

Shiseido MakeUp Session with BlessMyBag - What We Learned

It is not a whole week workshop or a month seminar, it is just an afternoon (2hours) of makeup demonstrated in front of us while giving makeup tips and tricks and as a makeup newbie and enthusiast, I learned a lot!


Cutting the chase, I'll share to you the mental notes I had during our Shiseido MAkeup Class with Ms. Julia of BlessMyBag when you're doing make up!

1)if you want to contour your nose during daytime, skip the "shadow" and focus on the highlight; that way you'll avoid looking like dirty mess. Of course you should blend the edges gently.

2)when choosing foundation, try to get the color close to your pulse; where you put your perfume to last - so you'll match your face to the color of your neck rather than the other way around, less foundation stain on the collar of your blouse or uniform ;)

3)liquid to liquid, powder to powder- to avoid blotches on the cheeks -liquid foundation to cream blush, powder foundation to baked blush. Breaking this rule is easy, just make sure to set your liquid foundation with powder first before applying powder blush.

4)Eyebrows can make the difference! Fill in the brows to make a person look younger and thin lines gives the opposite effect.

5)Another tip about doing the brows is - if you want your eyebrows to last longer, use an eyebrow pencil instead of powder.

6)If you are having a hard time with eyeliner on your tear ducts or you just don't want to deal with that nasty morning-glory-like in your eyes in the color of your eyeliner then end the line just before your tear ducts. Bonus - since you'll not have black liner in your inner corners, it'll pop your eyes = fresh looking! :)

Any other makeup tips and tricks you wanna share? Comment down below! :D

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