Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Food Trip: Shakey's Banana Peach Surprise

We've been to Shakey's for years now because I personally love the Houseblend Icetea and of course our love for handtossed Manager's Choice and Shakey's Special craved us from time to time to time... Usually, our orders would be the Shakey's Monster Meal if we are complete aside from the Bunch of Lunch, tuna ceasar salad and mushroom soup that we usually take when it was just mom and I and babe hanging out ...
Finally after a decade of stubburness (hihi), we finally took our chance to give a our sweet tooth a treat, the Shakey's Banana Peach Surprise!

Five scoops of flavored ice cream - vanilla, strawberry and mango topped with whipped cream, a dazzle of strawberry syrup and slices of peaches and bananas with cherry on top.

Perfect dessert right after a savory
thick-crust hand tossed Manager's Choice
plateful of some greek salad, a mojo, carbonara and a buffalo wingimage
and a cup of mushroom soup with croutons on top and cold ice tea with slice of lemon!

This post makes me hungry! :P


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