Monday, October 07, 2013

Removing Scratches on Devices Using Toothpaste

Buy a screenguard after purchasing your gadget to protect it from future nasty scratches so you won't have to worry about these eyesores in the first place - that, I didn't think of - so after sometime (letting babe play pop the colors and balloons, and tapping on animals for sound in between scratching, drooling and dropping my HL & Rich Android Tablet) this is what it looks like now...


I knew that this will happen and it did. That's why I bought it over the Samsung one that costs more than twice of what I paid for.
I thought that the scratches was the end of it, or worse, it will be too deep until it won't function anymore... until I saw an article on the internet on how to remove it - toothpaste, baking soda and polish method.
Others commented that it's a fake, so what I did is test it myself.
I obviously did the toothpaste method as it is the title for this post.
Here is what I used...
Some cotton buds, a small toothpaste that usually comes with a toothbrush when you stay in a hotel - so don't throw them away, they are surprisingly useful!
This is the before and after photo...

It does reduce the scratches! Some of them were too deep though that it was now impossible to remove but those scratches lightens while the others magically disappear. It really does wonders. :)
Good to know, this method could also be used in removing scratches from watches, tv screens and other mobile phones and gadgets!
Learn more about the other two methods here.


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