Monday, October 14, 2013

Part 2: BDJ Veterans Sparty at Lulu Nails and Dry Bar

Let's call this the intermission of my segmented post or an excuse of letting the real part two stay on my drafts longer than it's due because I'd rather sleep it off than type because this past week was a blast!
To compensate the #uber late post that I decided to let you guys peek into this very posh nail bar where we (obviously) got our nails and toes and video done!

Lulu Nails and Dry Bar - The Interior
I gotta tell the truth - this saloon screams sophistication and elegance in a minimalist vintage way.
the concierge
Nail Bar
Spot Audrey Hepburn
Pretty - playful pillows and lamp shades to add color and life
In Lulu's, the sun shines through and
Vanity is at its best.

Take a pick between glossy magazines
or the techy flat screen
yup, you could catch your favorite tv show or rerun of your favorite movie chic flick while pampering your tips and toes!
photo grabbed from mauiiperry
All smiles! Heck, haven't got a decent manipedi for a month now!
photo grabbed from mauiiperry
The Buffet Table
What now? You think I'll skip talking about the food? It's close to my heart, inside my stomach! lol And I think it's best to put this on the "intermission" just because it is.
Who returned thrice to the table? See part 1.
This is what my plate looks like.
This photo smells good, it makes my tummy grumble!
The cakes were wickedly tempting!
Trivia: I'm the first early bird to arrive, the first to shovel yummy food on my big mouth unlady-like and the first Bella to be "recorded"! #akona!
Posing like a suppastar at the shoot - thank you so much Maui for taking my picture, you're so sweet like that<3 <3 <3
photo grabbed from mauiiperry
Part 3 will be served soon.

Happy nails, toes and tummy,


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