Friday, October 18, 2013


Hello everyone! How are you? Sorry if I wasn't able to blog, my hubby and I are so hands-on preparing for our big day, I'm usually busy scanning online suggestions especially on Pinterest (follow me there: click here), read wedding blogs and making time to practice hair and makeup, choosing themes, dresses, preparing the program, wedding invites and more.
Preparing for our upcoming event is one excuse to stroll the mall. Here I'm just keeping my cool with my:
Casual Tee

Tee: from HongKong
Denim: Forever21

Bag: LV
Watch: Sophie Paris
Ring: Forever21

Earrings: Fancy Earring Chanel
Ponytail: Goody

Rubber Shoes: Nike

I will be posting my DIY bleach concoction when I have extra time, sorry ladies. Watch out for more easy DIY nail arts as well. Backlogs are many, wedding preparation is keeping me on my toes but I just keep myself composed with a sweet genuine smile.

Live, Love, Laugh,


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