Thursday, October 10, 2013

SkinWhite Naturals Whitening Lotion in Papaya Milk

My latest favorite drugstore lotion as of the moment is none other than...
*drum rolls*
SkinWhite Naturals Whitening Lotion in Papaya Milk! <3

I'm not so much into skin whitening but my sister is and she basically try different products right after the other just to give everything a go, a first hand experience and one of the things she bumped into was this. As it is, I first fall head over heels in love with this product right after I smelled my way through her room catching her smoldering her freshly bathed self into this yummy treat!
I love the smell!!! It really smells like sweet candy corn or cotton candy for me. I wanna eat it her arm right after! lol So, to not bother her with my latest apple of my nose addiction, I bought myself a bottle!
SkinWhite Papaya Milk promises whiter, healthier complexion in just seven days of regular use. A blush white skin (that indicates a rosy white glow). It has papaya enzyme for whitening and milk protein to moisturize skin and vitamins c, e and b3, b5 and b6.
I would just pop the cap and smell my way through a hot afternoon, if only I could! So glad to know that SkinWhite also have papaya milk soap that I'll so gonna look for when we go out!
Are you a SkinWhite addict too? Especially a SkinWhite Papaya Milk addict? I'm smelling my skin while typing this through... Geez, I feel creepy - in a good whiter and moisturized skin type of way...

Papaya Milk Shake,


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