Thursday, October 10, 2013

Part 1: First BDJ Veterans Sparty at Lulu Nails & Dry Bar

Ahahaha (Ooopss... I think I still got a hangover!)




First Sparty.

First BTS.

First BDJ Veterans.

...That last first and as the title impose, I'm probably wishing it would be a yearly treat! lol #pushingmyluck #wishfulthinking

So anyways, to be a certified BDJ addict aka BDJ veteran as we officially called it, you must have at least 3 planners or more! Luckily I have three, ha!

Nearing the BDJ fair (excitement level: extremely high - so can't wait for Oct 13!), I was expecting an open invitation to join the "modelling scene" (IDK what to call it... that, I'm itching to join to make my sister a model for the day #mydreams #herreality {no, not me, are you kidding me?} - BDJ team confirmed they were suppose to held one but wouldn't make it for this year since they have limited time. What with consecutive online promos both on the BDJ box and BDJ planner and the latest BDJ Rendezvous and BDJBox beauty social event, we, the BDJ bellas totally understand...) (excitement level: high - wishing not to rain that day) and the scavenger hunt (but learning that it'll take 2hours or so, I backed out and didn't submit my entry since I have to check babe every once in a while - means going in and out of the music hall), so I have to cross that out on my planner too (excitement level: moderately high - wish babe to not have the sniffles) ,  then this happen...
Hello, BDJ Veteran!


We saw the video you made for us and we love it! Thank you for being one of our most loyal users. Thanks to BDJ Girls like you, BDJ has become more than just a planner; we have become a community of empowered women.

We would like to invite you to an intimate gathering of fellow BDJ girls on Wednesday, October 9, 2013, at LULU NAILS AND DRY BAR, a nail salon at the 5th Floor, BTTC Centre, 288 Ortigas Ave., corner Roosevelt St., Greenhills, 1503 San Juan, Philippines. 

The first 10 girls who confirm attendance get to be treated to a FREE MANIPEDI. You have to be at the venue by 5pm to avail of this service.

We'll be serving DINNER at 7pm.

Everyone who attends gets to meet and mingle with the BDJ Team and some of our BDJ Box Beauty Ministry.
ALSO, we hope you can come dressed in happy colors as we would like you to BE A PART OF A SHORT VIDEO we are making to be shown at the BDJ Fair on October 13. 
Hihi I screamed like a lunatic and jumped up and down, making faces and babe was like -
"I was the infant here woman, I should be the one doing somersaults!" (excitement level: super-duper extremely high - #owemji! #whattowear #mundaneproblem)

Then I got sniffles too. Teary eyed for the whole Tuesday, good thing I woke up feeling better the next day aka the big day! #thisisitpansit!)
Fast forward --- I choose from these nails
finally decided to give this nail lacquer a try:
Lacquer "Imperative"


Pampering time! My lower extremities are so NOT the modelling material! Excuse my lovely feet Ms. Angel! :)
and viola!
Taken the day after... (Hello awkward knees!)
#lulufied nails are happy nails! (excitement level: heaven!  Ahh, I - a work at home breastfeeding mom - is having a me-time, its refreshing, energizing and amazing! I'm now a supermom with an extra special power - breastfeeding babe and designing a structure at the same time, with fabulous nails! *crossing the skies with cape swaying)
Okay guys, who wants to be a sweetheart and wash the dishes and an angel to do the laundry for me? #pamperedgirlproblem
Bahahaha! (Sorry for #uber excitement) Did I mention, I'm an early bird? I knew the traffic so well, that we have to be earlier than 5pm, I asked my hubby to escort me (long hair!) Left the house past 2pm and arrived around 3pm (LaSalle traffic was there but we conquered it like a piece of cake! Woohoo! So #earlybird I felt like an early egg! #corny but you get the gist!) Hubby decided to just hang around Greenhills while I enjoy myself like a virgin ala Madonna ehem, a single!
Saw Mauii on the lobby and we decided to take a peek before going to Serenitea to pass the time! #tooearly We did and the rest was history!
Ms. Cherry insisted we stay and get our nails done earlier than the others... #specialtreatment :P
Photo grabbed from IG: @mauiiperry
 We, Maui and I came two hours earlier than the BDJ team! #owemji *blushing (that's how big our love is when it comes to BDJ, all to-dos are crossed and whatever BDJ event prioritized!) But really it was a good thing, at least we have more time to helped sharpie-d our props for the BTS! That I'll be posting as part 2 so hold your unicorns, err... horses! (Excitement level: over the moon! - wishing hubby a happy time on Greenhills, and babe a sound siesta slumber while I pose like a pro in front of lights, camera and pampering girls!)
Aside from the invite on the BDJ veterans party, BDJ team decided to take it to the next level: a customized BDJ planner! And to the #bdjveterans a FREE customized BDJ planner!

and and and... the #bdjveteran congratulatory letter from Ms. Em have a P.S.
P.S. As an added bonus, we will be giving you your very own FREE CUSTOMIZED BDJ PLANNERwith your name on the cover, which you can claim at the BDJ Fair on October 13 at the Mall of Asia Music Hall. Please read up on our FAQs and send us the name you want us to put on your planner. MAXIMUM of 8 CHARACTERS ONLY.
Thanks so much! Looking forward to meeting you :)
(excitement level: exploring milky way! - I can't wait to get my hands on my personalized BDJ power planner! *giggles and more giggles)
Belle de Jour team you're the bomb! *fistbump

Of course, I had to end this part 1 with a boom!
So, the sparty ended later than expected, fun couldn't be fit in a 3hour span, especially when your pampered, (girls are helpless until the nail polish dries) ate like a big bearded man with no hair (or was it just me? Bellas, Who returned to the buffet table three times? *raises hand *sees only one hand *and the hand belongs to me! I knew it!) and have to goof and do as Ms. Roan (hi Ms. R. I hadn't got the gut to tell right on face to face but I wanna let you know "You're amazing!") told you to do (or not), right bellas?
Went down the lobby to check on my hubby, (we decided to meet at 7pm just in case his phone ran out of juice which it did apparently) and said we were still "having so much fun" and I don't wanna leave yet, he nodded and said take my time...
9pm strucked before the elevator opened signalling that I reached the ground floor. Said i'm sorry, for keeping him waiting longer than what he bargained for (3-7pm) and asked him if he was happy and if he had fun as well, and he said "its okay, I'm happy you had fun!"
"Aww that was so sweet of you. Could you drive me to the fair this sunday then?"
"Of course I would." And mumbled "I need to continue courting my wife". #thingsidoforlove (excitement level: Scale destroyed! *tilt* *tilt* *tilt* - I died a little! #kiligoverload #habanghair)
I fell asleep on his arms on our way home. It's a blessing in disguise that our van was for registration that day, our car was on the mechanic, the night sky drizzling and the traffic was bottled-neck (that was the only time I thank God we are stucked on an urban traffic!) I get the chance to get "romantic" (holding hands and pecks of kisses) and "dreamy" (red bumper backlights and rain droplets gives the perfect lighting) with the husband. #cheesy

Stay tuned for part two coming right up!
The fun has just begun!

floating on cloud9 while fixing my excitement scale,


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