Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Empties September 2013

Most of my empties for this month consist of skincare products. Unlike my previous empties, I'll skip including products that were already introduced. Let's start off with

Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Eye Contour Cream - (that I got here!) a mouthful but effective way to lessen under eye wrinkles including and most especially premature wrinkles due to squinting and tugging... It gives huge amount of moisture on to my undereye bags and I see a bit difference although I only had this tiny little tube! I might consider buying the full size when the check comes in!


Stiefel's pectraBan60- that I raved about here.
Careline Lip and Cheek Tint- this was one of my summer favorites especially during our out-of-town trips be it to the beach or pool! A small dot on both cheeks is enough for half (if you're on to water sports, or just swimming) to a day's worth of blushing cheeks.


Dove Underarm Whitening in Original Scent - has vitamin e and f, and is an antiperspirant. The mild scent of this underarm roller can last all day if you'll stay in an air conditioned room.
SkinWhite Advanced Whitening Facial Cleanser - was my savoir whenever I'm too stubborn to wash my face before slumber. what I do to reduced stinging sensation when removing eye makeup was to let the soaked cotton pad stay on my eye a little while and then keep my eyes close a little longer until I felt that the alcohol already evaporated. To avoid dryness, I use my EverBilena Whitening Sunblock Cream during so-so days and Celeteque Cream or Anew Genics when I feel the need to boost things up a little bit.
Avon's Anew Genics - my mom and I were one of the first to try this "serum" from Avon. We immediately gave this a try and weve proven that the hype about this sensation of a cream - specifically this anti-aging cream - really has a base and not just exaggerated excitement! Its so smooth, it glides on leaving face instantly smooth. I also tried using this as a base primer for foundation and its not that bad. My mom loves to use this after shower as her moisturizer. She used to hate applying anything on her face (which is why she's severely dry) but finally gave in to this because of the "beautiful" scent as she described it.

Johnsons Baby Cologne Forever Mine (Green) - is my babe's original scent. I will certainly buy this again, just right after he finished our newly opened bottle of Johnsons Baby Cologne Morning Dew (violet) that my mom used to use on me when I was little! <3
Ponds Clear Balance Clear Solution Anti-Bacterial Facial Scrub with Herbal Clay - it is infused with neem plant - a traditional herbal plants that can be found here in our backyard hehehe - effectively removes dirt, oil, stubborn makeup and fights against my periodical acne. :)
Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil - that i talked about a few while back here.


That's it! I can't wait to unclogged my closets and drawers by emptying my hauls one bottle, tube, tub at a time! xx


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