Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Food Trip: Baked Comfort Food

This elegantly wrapped box has something enticing. Thanks Mike for bringing this delight :) image
Two of my favorite from this lot are these nutty special Almond topped  ensaymadaimage

and this strawberry cream-puff

this is not baked, but one of our latest healthier option when it comes to chips...image
Another comfy-food in a form of  KrispyKreme Classic: glazed donuts. So perfect with freshly brewed coffee! The perfect way to slice donuts: see below.
Another locally available fix for my sweet tooth
Gonuts Donuts
Another not-baked comfort food but this one is extra special I had to insert this on this post because
it's a perfectly cooked sunnyside up and its made by my hubby. Especially made for me. I prefer the wet scrambled egg though and he insist it taste better when toasted. Perfect with tomato catsup! #immaketchupgurl

That's it for my latest comfort food. I'd be back on my ramen madness this cool season of ber. Let's find out who'll make it on my top list. :)

Eat your heart out!


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