Saturday, October 05, 2013

Food Trip: Shakeys Prima Lasagna

Time to break the habit... err... expand the habit? or probably explore more... Hihi We love our handtossed Shakeys pizza just the way it is - and I guess that hinders us to try anything new. Until lately, when we come across this twist of banana and ice cream delight!


After savoring the hot pizza...

on this plateful of  salad and pasta and everything nice and calorie-fic (is that even a word?)...
We say hello to this...

and then it was all over. The lasagna was flavorful and delicious, the only downside was that we didn't expect it to be a pool of sauce. We slice it and it was kinda fail. The slab of lasagna was intact but the inbetween sauce gooed its way out sloppily because it's not viscous enough. But still, it's gone like half a minute or so because its a deli, I just wish they improve the way they present the food. It was good looking but when you run a knife, it bleeds like there's no tomorrow (sorry, I think its not appropriate to describe my lasagna like that but thats the nearest adjective I could think of.)

Our food buddies, lolo and Clyde.

Daddy and Clyde and the Shakeys Manager's Choice Pizza sticker - that the crew gave Clyde because he won't stop shouting or screaming while pointing on the pizza platter and pasta.image

P.S. Clyde loves his carbonara!


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