Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Catching Fire by Suzzane Collins

The Hunger Games discreet mode, click here.
The Hunger Games with its beans all over the place, click here.
and now, Catching Fire! This post brim's spilling juicy moments. You've been warned.
This is the second book of the trilogy: The Hunger Games. This is the second sequel of the Hunger Games. This is my favorite among the three.
Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen won the 74th Annual Hunger Games held at the Capitol of Panem. "Victory Tour" follows shortly right after and sooner President Snow announced that on the 75th Annual Hunger Games - Peeta and Katniss will enter the Arena again. On the "victory tour", Katniss observed that a rebellion is brewing.
The thing is, every 25th year (the Quarter Quell) - the champions or the victors as they called it, would fight their way out of the Arena for the second (and to the others, last) time.
Another thing is, this is President Snow's way of getting rid of Katniss Everdeen together with the hope of the district's people to be free by starting a rebellion against the Capitol.
Like I said, this is my favorite among the three. This is where Katniss' problems were doubled if not tripled. The hunger games, the rebellion, and the boys.
Peeta Mellark in his glory suit. Oooh, that jawline's giving me butterflies on me tummy!
The boys, I mean the men in her life are both strong-headed, wise and tactful. She is as well, so the battle of personalities, beliefs and love is now on the next level, you could practically smell friction in the air!
I so can't wait to see Beetee in action! Finnick is hot but I won't switch teams, Peeta Mellark all the way to Capitol! Bring it on!


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