Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jockey Shapewears

After pregnancy, binders and high waist briefs are your new best friends! I was in denial and I can't bear the heat, until my personal critic (which I always face in front of the mirror) slapped me, and slapped me hard!
So... after several breathing in and out, I decided to look around - found out that Watson's Belly Binder worth around Php200 is worthless! It slides off when you sit - don't buy it unless you intend to use it while standing and walking around only. Yup, no bending, reaching around and sitting or it will slowly slide off... it will piss you more than you could ever imagine!

The blue Avon waist binder that we had like forever, (Got this from my mom - and I remember her having this when I was still a grade schooler!) however, is the bomb! You can dance in it without sliding! With that, I give Avon four thumbs up, two on my hands and the rest on my feet!

Since I can't walk around the public with my binder on looking like a humongous roll of human sushi, I had to look for a shapewear! And, mind you they were pretty expensive! So when I ask the lady what's on sale, she happily announce that when you buy 3 pieces of Jockey Shapewear High Waist Mini Briefs in any color, you'll get another, free of charge! My jaw dropped! That's a steal! A good delicious steal! With a wink of an eye, I swipe my credit card away! Goodbye Php3.6k and hello sexy! I wish the sexy part was that simple!!!

For Php1199.75 apiece, these shapewears comes in two colors, skintone and black. I'm going for all black but the lady suggest I grab one skintone color, quoting "you'll never know..." and so I said "OK, sure whatever!"
Since I don't have "it" yet, here's a photo of what it would look like...



Photos via Jockey Official Website
According to them, it is ---
• Beautifully sleek, comfortably slimming shapewear - instant slimmer tucker tummy
• High waist brief shaper flatters your natural curves - putting the curves where it should be
• Breathable fabric acts as gentle, second skin - light and breathable indeed
• Provides a smooth and comfortable silhouette - skin tone for light color dresses and black for dark, perfect!
• Laser cut edges eliminate lines underneath clothing - one of the reasons I love this! It's like its not there but it is! Those that makes sense?
• Fused panel for targeted mid-section control

Here is my actual photo of the items...
Tip: Having a hard time, squeezing in? Roll down the brief just like you would on you stocking before wearing, you won't have to jump around, all you have to do is roll it out!

Surprise surprise, I was happy to know I'm still in the medium size! #whew I used to be petite and although I can never fit with my 23inch waist jeans that I had when I was in college ever again, but I'm still hoping baby bump will go away! And yes, wearing shapewears and binders is not enough!

On my journey to healthier lifestyle - this gave me a lift everytime...
If the person you love supports you, the hard part is already done. #justlove -Michelle Phan

Have a fabulous shapely day! xx


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