Saturday, April 28, 2012

Prize Mail from PeachyPinkSisters

 Hey everyone! For sure you remember this fab giveaway:

First off, I wanna thank each and everyone who voted for me. :) Like I posted before on  my Facebook page, although I didn't get the most liked, I got the most amusing graduation moment! :D
Here's a quote from their giveaway winners post:

Before we name the winner, we would like to thank everyone who shared their memorable moments during their graduation with us. It was really fun reading your posts. Some were funny, some were admirable and some were very sweet. :)To view all the entries, click here.

So on to the winner...She is............


We found her answer quite funny and commendable! She graduated as salutatorian but even with such high honors and representing a batch for a graduation pledge, there are still these little small annoying things that can happen during those special moments. Good thing she made it with poise and elegance! Good job, Gerilen! :)
and here's her answer:
"my most memorable graduation would be in HS. Im happy I managed to have social life (barkada) while being one on the top. Finally, i ended up as the school salutatorian. I was assign to do the graduation pledge. while on stage, my stilleto heels got stuck on the floormats holes and i was pulling them out *pasimple* while stating the pledge. heehee thankfully, as i ended up my speech, i pulled the heels without stumbling and uber slowly walk to take my seat!"
Congratulations! :)♥♥♥

I still keep the historical stilleto heels in my closet! :P

And I still believe my highschool days are the best part of my student life! Gahhh... I miss studying! Good thing to know that learning don't end when you graduate 'cause its a never-ending process! :) Moving on...

Early this morning, I received the prize mail containing the 3rd prize! :D
Satchet of Garnier Multi-Action Whitening Cream
L'Oreal Youth Code pre-essence sample
Body Recipe Skin Lightening Lotion
Sephora Girls Lipgloss
 Pond's White Beauty Day Cream Sachet

plus, a personal note:

Really had fun joining this giveaway! Made me reminisce my student life :P *sniff!
Yeah, I miss schooling but I'm happy that I progress and grateful that my efforts (sunog -kilay) paid off!
Thanks again Ms. Dawn & Ms. Liz of Peachy Pink Sisters!
<3 <3 <3


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