Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Online Game: Sorority Life

When I was a child, I used to play paper dolls with different kind of cut-out clothes...
just like these :)
Well, I find an online game that basically looks like these but obviously with more features! :D I love to dress up the little me! hehehe

The name of the game...
so girly, right?
Here are the major things of the game:
Socialize, Style, Job and Glam
Socialize: There are different events to organize, which will give the player and her house some influence, earn some cash and get some glam. Plus, when you reach different levels it will unlock new outfits, new events, jobs and sometimes some brownie points that can be used to buy special glam that can't be bought by cash alone.. :)

socialize tab
Style: The glam you get in socializing are collected and can be used to dress up the little you! :D  You get to choose your skin-tone,  accessories which includes hair, eyewear, shoes, neckwear, bracelets, tights, pets and extras like bags, key chains, cellphones, etc. its endless! :D Clothing is categorized from casual wear, cocktail, formal, costume and athletic! The things in this sections are from latest fashion finds to surreal things! And its cute! ;P

Strut your stuff, other players even not your sisters could vote for your fab look!
strut your stuff
walk off
Ask your sisters to vote for your one on one show down on the cat walk! :) and brag about your brownie point glam by joining the
costume contest tab
Job: Each clothes have popularity and charm rate. :) And of course, it must have an upkeep, that you should compensate with cash that socializing cannot cover. Seriously, you must have a job! LoL

Here's an SL tip: Earn a regular income by taking a job in your spare time. Hot Tip: greater influence means better job opportunities!

Glam: here is where you can buy rides and boys! LOL It's like an online shopping for your virtual cash and brownie points. There are the basics that equals cash and there are the Latest Style and Vintage Boutique that can only be bought by brownie points. So collect brownie points, ok? :)

The more popularity ans charm you've got, the better you'll do in fight, and higher gratitude in the burnlist! :D
fight tab
There's a lot more to the game! Like the Swag that contain goodies, essentials, trinkets and vanities. I love the trip abroad, not just because of the cute graphics but because I've learned about the place myself while playing! The design internship, stealing of sweethearts and having online friends! :D

The game is continuing to improve and it's getting more complicated, in a good way :P It's endless!

Have you tried SL before? :)


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