Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I am Beautiful and I Can Rock The World.

Girls tend to compare their-selves with others around them, it's OK and I sometimes cant help myself doing comparison but I am trying not to or at least lessen it... hehe

I am Gerilen Tactaquin-Polon, who used to be Ms. Tactaquin Y Borja.. A happy wife, an engineer, frustrated cook, pilot-wannabe... Vain, but not much. and oh.. did i mention am a camwhore? i go gaga for make up and good books makes me HIGH!

Thinking to myself that I'm beautiful in my own random unique ways. I'm caught up being young and a wife and everyday I try to love my profession and do things I love like scapbooking and squeeze blogging while waiting for my pregnancy to end! :D My life's hectic but I try not to make it toxic and I know just by keeping optimistic and taking things easy I can rock the world! 

Every girl is a princess. Everyone is beautiful own their on unique ways. So instead of killing yourself with jealousy and envy, try to love yourself and

and remember:

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