Friday, November 01, 2013

Food Trip: Farroncino Cafe

Starbucks is so overrated. I would prefer Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf any time of the day if only it is a step away. Unfortunately, it is not. So, aside from queuing a line (which is long sometimes), I also had the need to look and even wait for an available seat (preferably a table with a socket nearby) every time I set foot to SB. Not until, this cafe opened up...
Farronccino Cafe - too many r's and c's but its worth it.
Sorry for the dim photos, it's pretty dim here actually dim there. The lights are too soft and low, perfect for dark secrets but not for bookies and laptop users since they don't have sockets but you won't really care especially if you are looking for SB dupes! Yes, the drinks they offer tastes like SB and CBTL without the tag and logo...
Sorry for the messy table, and incase you're wondering what the heck does a congee lying around our table - well, surprise! its near Owlisms and I had to give babe something to eat since I can't share my "Drink" with him, right?
Okay, I did let him sip, just so he would know the taste, and yes, he liked it! :)
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