Saturday, November 30, 2013

Empties November 2013

I have more than one product on today's empties that I call second stash - which means some of these, well, you practically seen on my previous empties. I use to stock up on things especially when it's on sale, so, yeah...
Maybelline Pressed Powder in honey, Nivea Angel Star in small, Careline liquid concealer
Avon Skin So Soft with argan oil essence and Physiogel Intensive Cream that I literally murdered just so I could scoop out the stubborn goodness around it insideimage
United Homes Calcium tablets and 4 life Transfer Factor Plus
imageThat's it for now. I'm quite busy again trying stuff all at the same time again. I know, I'm really trying my best to stop myself from buying things I don't need, but this time, I know I need it. So yeah. See you on my next Empties. ;)

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