Sunday, November 10, 2013

Upgrading With Sharp

Finally decided to upgrade my weapon for work - calculator!
I've been meaning to do so quite awhile back but hadn't got the time until finally when we are on an Automatic Shop in the mall, I remember my to-buy list top-notch of the month - calculator!
For all these years, we've been loyal to Casio calculators but apparently, Casio is "hard-to-get" and I really need one asap so I settled with Sharp.
Got a mini-calculator in Sharp ElsiMate EL-243S
  • Large 8-Digit Display
  • Twin Power Source (battery and solar)
  • Lift-back hard cover
  • Percentage Key
  • Root Key
  • Conversion Change
  • Currency Conversion
  • Rates Conversion
  • Cost-Sell-Margin
  • Tax Caculation
  • Memory
  • 3 Digit Puntuation
  • Percent
  • Root
  • Sign Change
Other Specification
  • Auto Power Off
  • Solar Power
  • Battery (*Back-up Usage)*LR1130 x 1
  • Dimensions (WxDxH mm)64 x 105 x 11
  • Weight (g)51
Easy to use and travel friendly, this small calculator will be a bag resident from this moment on. As you could see on the picture above, I cut the "shortcuts" printed at the back of the box before throwing it out. :) I would also put a name tag sticker on the back to personalized it. :)
The Big Boss: Sharp EL W506X SL - colorful scientific calculator in standard model. This has a "write view" which means you could input statement as it is hand written and is available in purple, green, silver, orange and pink.
Got mine in silver.
It has an almost transparent cover and unfortunately, its short with shortcuts that I used to have with my good old Casio calculator. This will gonna be a hard self-taught and read-the-manual day, I need to remember 52 physical constants and keys for metric-english v.v. conversions, I'm not quite sure if its written on the manual and I'm hoping it is because I would definitely cut and stick it to the cover just like what I did with my mini calculator!
FX556 - means it has 556 functions that caters Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus and Statistics! Perfect for college students! Not sure though, if this is approved to be use on board exams but I'm hinting it is.
  • 4-Line Display
  • Math Drill Function
  • Textbook Style Display
  • 96x32 Dot Matrix LCD
  • 4-User Defined Keys D1 - D4
  • Constant and Chain Calculations
  • List Calculations
  • 52 Physical Constants
  • 44 Metric Conversions
  • 4x4 Matrices
  • Direct Algebraic Logic
That's it. I am now familiarizing myself with the functions and keys right now and I hope soon enough I could "type" with my eyes closed. :)


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