Sunday, November 17, 2013

Elizabeth: Mind Museum

Learning is fun - it should be. Students won't just learn by the books, today, students also learn by observation, experiment and exploration. Fun activities are a tested way to teach efficiently and effectively. Besides, that is why we have the saying "Experience is the best teacher", right?
I'm not a student anymore but I am always excited to learn.

As a pre-wedding gift, I would like to come, visit and tour there with my soon-to-be husband. He is very excited about learning too. It's like having adventure with no ending, just happy fed minds. I would like to spend quality time with him - learning, having fun, making memories.

I want to spread my wings and fly with you.

Mind Museum is the Philippines' first world-class science museum, an educational facility aimed at fostering the public understanding of science.The Mind Museum is futuristic, high tech and world-class.

Check out The Mind Museum Facebook page here.

live, love, laugh,

P.S. - wedding preparations and all that soon...
P.P.S. - i love you guys! <3


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