Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Food Trip: Happy Barn

"Drink Happy Thoughts!"
The Happy Barn Milkshake Factory finally made its way to the new wing, ground floor, Market! Market! as its third outlet. First branch in Evia and second branch is located in Powerplant mall. This happy barn of milkshake was owned by actress and entrepreneur Jodi Sta. Maria also known as "Maya" of ABS-CBN's hit "Please Be Careful With My Heart". Now, Jodi is encouraging us to "Please Be Careful of Your Health" by thinking happy thoughts while drinking happy milkshakes, err, happy cow's milkshake that is! Happy overload!
We tried these three yummy milkshakes. Mind you, even the names are very intriguing!
From left to right we have Cowie's Favorites: Vanilla Thrilla - pure vanilla with 0% sugar in skim milk (Php85.00), Cowie's Shake & Bake: Merry Mango Caramelo - mango and caramel with 20% sugar in skim milk (Php95.00) and Cowie's Specials: Lychee Glee - pure lychee with 0% sugar in skim milk (Php95.00)
My favorite among the three - Merry Mango Caramelo which Ms. Shine actually announced as the best seller! <3
I love the ambiance of their kiosk! Cute little bird house is as always a head turner, err, let me rephrase that. This cute little bird house is calling me to come get the milkshake! lol
It's like we are in the wild vintage-y west side of the world.
The color combination of pastel pink, baby blue and white is just too cute to resist!
The cute pink flat screen also shows the opening of the previous two branch with interviews and all the goodness and health benefits of this happy barn's goodies!
Babe loves the Happy Barn indeed! <3 Miss Shine gave him a special for baby Clyde tour only! hihi
Of course, we wouldn't miss this cute little white mail post! And my favorite spot? Check out the swingchair photobombing! :)
Here is to more drinking happy thoughts. Another favorite "hang out" approved! :)
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