Friday, November 29, 2013

Color Riche Les Nail Art Sticker

Color Riche Les Nail Art Sticker promise of up to 10 days of wear. Zero mistakes. Zero dry time and zero remover needed. Each stickers have three layers of film. Fist is the base coat that promises long wear. Then the color film for the design and intense color and last, the top coat for a hundred percent shine. Let's see!
This is my first time to try and DIY nail stickers. So I haven't got a clue - or maybe one. Here are the things that I used.
A nail file. The stickies and a cutter. A scissor - which is obviously not in the picture.
I cute my nails. File them. Choose which size fits my nail best and sticking the curve end to the bottom part of my nails. Cut the excess using a scissor and place the cut portion of the sticker on my other nail. Note that you could only use this for short nails for obvious reasons. lol
As seen in the photo above, I only used 5 stickers! I will try this for longer nails.
Please note that this is my first time, it wasn't that bad, but far fetched from being perfect too. I need more practice.
I love the design and would definitely try another sticker nails right after I master to wear it on. What I noticed was that - this is not glossy and shiny. It's more like a matte sticker - but I'm still hoping the it had top coat in it. Once I put it in place, it rarely moves until I try harder. The logo design could peel off if you are not careful enough. It's better to cut the excess with scissor and cut the edge with a nail cutter as the sticker is like a real nail when cut rather than filing them off - it will take you forever to do so. Easy to peel so definitely no remover needed and no dry time at all. Some of the stickers didn't cover my entire nail - it don't bother me that much as one could only notice it if looked closer. Over all this is a cute must try if your hands are not often wet. :P It's travel friendly too. You could just put this on whenever and have glamorous nails! :)
Have you tried sticking stickies on your nails? :)

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