Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to Preserve Fresh Flowers + DIY Recycled Vase

I received a bouquet from my hubby one random night just because and now, I want to preserve it as long as I could and maybe preserve some petals for sake keeping, frames and maybe to be an ornament for my scrapbook project too... I used to use aspirin to make the flowers fresh but since we don't have any in the house, I use what is available.

Materials you need:
  • sugar
  • vinegar
  • tablespoon
  • beaker/glass/bowl - something to hold the mixture
  • vase
  • warm water
Since we don't do white sugar in the house, I have to settle for brown but it is preferred to use white so that the water won't have discoloration. The green Nestle tumbler would be my improvised case for this bouquet if you are wondering what is that doing on the photos.
Put a spoonful of sugar to the glass and pour vinegar.

Mix well and add warm water. I mix hot water with tap water to get the right temperature. Not to hot, just right that the water won't feel cool.

Put that on the vase and it's good to go. I noticed that the morning after, the flowers "bloom" or "stand" straighter than the night before. It last me another week. :)

Well, the green Nestle tumbler can't hold this much flowers so the hubby DIY a vase out of a water container. :)
Cut the plastic gallon in half.
Put the top portion inside the lower portion. The opening whole will act as the stem holder while still allowing the flowers to bend forward to all direction just as you could see in the pictures.
You could paint your DIY vase too.
You could also attached strings on its side to hang it.
Be creative. :)
Flowers and recycling together is a good combo, I tell you. Ciao.

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