Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November BDJ Box Elite: Holiday Glam Extraordinaire by L'oreal Paris!

When I first saw this,
my initial react was...
Omg! This is el ow vi ee! @bdjbuzz save a slot for me! via Instagram.
 Today, I received my package
my conclusion was...
Omg! This is el ow vi ee! and yes, babe wore the cover like a sash. :P
The Holiday Glam Extraordinaire Style was a mouthful of words, a mouthful of savings and a mouthful of bliss!
Personally for me, its important to know what would a beauty box include hence the subscriber would know if it's really worth it. Aside from that, you could assess what you already got in your stash (especially if you're avoiding to "hoard" things you want but deep inside knew that you won't be able to use up or even consume until it expires) and then decide if you'd go for the beauty box or not. And yes, I'm that "discreet" or say "conservative" when it comes to purchasing.
As for this box it got almost Php6,000.00 worth of products for only an amazing price of Php1,880.00! Slapped my face to check reality and red hand-mark on my cheeks screams yes! lol Kidding aside, this exclusive BDJ Box by L'oreal Paris had me on-my-knees-begging-me-please drama the moment I saw the insides of this yummy, yummy box!
Leggo do the unboxing, the math of discounts and check out each and every gem on this elusive treasure box!
Youth Code Pre-Essence - 30ml (Php1,495.00)
Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Night Cream - 50ml (Php845.00)
L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil - 100 ml (Php499.00)
Lucent Magique Highlighter Pen - 1.6ml (Php725.00)
Color Riche L'Oreal Sunset (Limited Edition Canne's Collection) -3.9g (Php625.00)
Shine Caresse Wetstain - 6ml (Php595.00)
Color Riche Les Nail Art Sticker (Php395.00)
Color Riche Les Vernis - 5ml (Php199.00)
L'Oreal MakeUp Pouch (Php300.00)
L'Oreal Paris Serum Trial Kit 3sachets of 0.30ml (Php995.00)
Revitalift Night Essence - 30ml (Php1399.00)
I love love love the BDJ Box and I need need need these L'Oreal Paris loot on my stash - that, is how I compensate my amazingly discounted purchase of this beauty box! :) Watch out for my separate posts about each and everyone on this loot! :)

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