Friday, November 15, 2013

Food Trip: Italianni's Restaurant

The game (stretched my arms and legs and put my hands and feet on the right colors) I won was so worth it! Another to-do list checked! To date the family out to Italianni's just because I'm craving for some  spicy pasta and pizza and Shakeys is in a far far away land and my Banapple cravings are over.
The staff was friendly and very accommodating. We prefer to eat inside because it is humid outside and for obvious smoking-area reason. We wait for about five-minute while checking out their menu before they escorted us on our seats...
The table was set already and they have sliced bread as a welcome.
Complimentary bread with vinegar and olive oil dip
Handmade Pizza - Wild Mushroom Alfredo Php495
Ceasar Salad Lunch Php350
Kids Society - Kiddie Mac & Cheese Php195
Our Great Feast - Tuscan Bundle (Php1025) includes
a liter of freshly squeezed dalandan juice Php140
Handmade Pizza - Pizza Abbondanza Php625
Hearty Fares - Spaggetti Ala Puttanesca Php495
I end up the night with a cup of coffee...
Americano Php 95
Good thing my stomach handled cold dalandan juice and hot coffee without running to the loo.
The serving was bigger than I expected. I just wish that they offer bottomless drinks too, maybe soon.
My Itallianis date and baby's crazy antics here.

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