Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Taya Beauty Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

The first thing I've tried from this loot
was these combo of
Taya Beauty Amazon White Clay Thickening Clay Shampoo and Conditioner
The bottles are sealed with a removable aluminum cover for protection. I said this (like it was a big deal) because I'm used to squeezing plastic bottles fresh from the grocery without removing the cap because I know it's just that. So I'd had a hard time squeezing these bottles until I finally decided to take a peek inside by unscrewing the cap - and I laughed at myself sarcastically as I realized how stupid I looked like awhile ago. He he So just to avoid the same mistake, I remove the cap of the other bottles and like these, they have covers too. :P
Moving on... The shampoo on the left side is more viscous than the thick cream conditioner. Like most products, the shampoo have shiny specks and luminosity while the conditioner is just white and creamy.
I'm surprised that the smell of the shampoo differs from that of its conditioner. The smell of shampoo was too strong and reminds me of free hotel shampoo (which is good for me, see, I prefer supplies from the hotel where we are staying instead of using the same one I use at home. High five #CommunityChannel!) while the conditioner was surprisingly light - making the two of them a compliment for each other.
So, if you are using Tanya Thickening Shampoo then you must use the thickening conditioner after.
My first wash after, and I am a believer. Now I wish Taya Beauty products are available locally. Instant gorgeous hair! My hair transformed from dull to life. I love my hair now - feels and smells fresh and rejuvenated! The frizz tamed and tangles gone! :D
I'm so thankful I get to try these out. As it is not yet available here in the Philippines. Now, I'm worried on how to get these when my supply's gone. lol
Now, I'm excited to try the leave-in mist! It's shampoo-conditioner-leaveinmist trio combo, so stay tuned! I'll try to post my "hair" if I could, but please stress the word "try" as I'm too shy to flaunt my sexy, sexy hair!
Have you tried any Tanya Beauty products before?

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