Thursday, November 28, 2013

L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Rejuvenating Boosting Essence

The apple of my eyes!
The top reason I bought my BDJ Box Elite Holiday Glam Extraordinaire is because I saw that the Youth Code is in full size. The reason I was down on my knees begging them "Please, save a slot for me!" was this baby right here.
This 30ml bottle is worth Php 1,495! Such a sweet, sweet deal. You see I tried this before from one of my winnings here.

and I wanna get my hands on more, say, a full size for a slashed price! It's not good, it's better! Okay, I after digesting the amazing discount. Let's see what's the power of this elixir really is!
I already tried the Youth Code Pre Essence for a week. First application, instant effect. Smoother skin. I immediately feel that my skin transformed from dull to intensely hydrated and silky smooth skin my fingers glide on my face. Youthful indeed!
L'Oreal Paris Youth Code promises refined skin texture, rested facial features and radiant skin in one week. In one month, it promises rejuvenated and visibly younger skin. - And I am holding to these promises as I already experience the amazing effect of Youth Code in my skin. :)
I am not sure though if the pre-essence and the boosting essence is the same, or not. But base on my personal use, the yummy smell, the translucent fluid and viscosity is the same. Maybe it's different branding but the same product.
Wanna try the power of L'Oreal Youth Code without breaking the bank? Order yours now on BDJ Box! Hurry and save yourself a slot! Like BDJ Box Facebook page here to know more!

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