Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Mansion

When a Philippine president visits Baguio, he/she stays in The Mansion. Tourists are welcome to visit the place too to take pictures.
but only from the outside up to the gate
picture perfect?
Fortunately for us, we had the privilege to tour inside of the Mansion. :D By how, it's a secret and although I can't post the pictures, I would just try to describe the insides...
There's a two wooden door that leads to a huge function room, where I guess meetings are held. The walls are decorated with preserved portraits of all the Philippine Presidents from President Emilio Aguinaldo down to the latest president, from painting canvass down to photoshopped photographs. IDK, but I guess a new portrait of Pres. P-Noy now adds to the collection. The function room have a fireplace, a long wooden mahogany table with big soft cushioned armchairs. The mansion have several private rooms too, there's also a spacious backyard and another small house at the back. Lots of greens, fresh air and the usual fog! :P
Across the mansion's gate, there's a big manmade pond...
At the end of this hall, there's a circular trellis with benches perfect for
camwhoring! lol
ate dora, my sister beth, mom and mwuah
ate zhai
A ministop before
the long downhill stairs
that leads to Wright Park! :D
If you're planning to comb down Baguio but in a limited time, you could start off from Mines view park, ride a jeepney or a taxi to The Mansion, walk your way down to Wright Park and then walk your way to Botanical Garden. :) That's what we did and it was a well worth tour! We efficiently used our time and our budget! :D Lots of walking means exercise too! :P


  1. Woww...beautiful place! It looks like you had a great time :)
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  6. Beautiful pictures. The mansion sounds lovely how you described it. Great post and lovely blog!
    xx, Kels


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