Monday, August 13, 2012

Recent Favorites: Make Up

Yes, this is a baby bag,
but since I'm breastfeeding, this bag had spaces for my kikay kit! Yahoo!
still, missing playing with these e/s!
Here are my recent loves!
Current favorites aotm :))
First off, although not included in the photo, I'm still inlove with Garnier brightening oil control scrub! :D
Included in the photo are the
(Click the linkies to go the blog posts!)
lippies atm
Will be doing some reviews on some of the products included in these photos including swatches of these yummy lippies! :D
Whats your recent favorites? *it doesn't have to be make up* Share 'em!


  1. That's a huge pallet of eyeshadows! You seem to have all the colors there :-)

  2. I'm so inggit with woman who knows how to do their own make-up. I apply concealer under my eyes, then press powder, an eyeliner and a mascara, cheek tint from Benefit or Blush cream from Maybelline. These are my own way of putting something on my face, hahaha! I hope someday I can buy MAC products. It's on my wishlist.

  3. hehehe mommies! my baby bag also contains some of my stuff when we go out.. hehe better na yung isang bag for everything na! ;D

    -visiting from BC Bloggers! :D

  4. hahaha i cant do make up. i am comfortable with face powder.

  5. where did you buy your make ups?

  6. I think we have the same eyeshadow palette.. :) I got mine from DollFace though, Anyway, I'm still in love with my go-to foundie, Revlon ColorStay.. ^^ As for eyeshadows, I'm still experimenting with my NYX Nude on Nude palette and I think I'll include it in my faves next month.. :)

  7. Oooh! Kikay moms, just like myself! Hahaha! I love playing around with my eyeshadows too! :D Familiar with that flower packaging on one of the lippies, Simply Pretty by Avon, right? :D

  8. I also use Myra after I found a spot on my cheek due to the sun's rays. It's not that obvious but my mom prompted me to start using sunblock for protection.

    Lucky you, you know how to use make up. I just have a powder, a cheek tint, mascara and I'm good to go :)


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