Monday, September 10, 2012

Oli’s Uncommon Cents by Deborah Allen

I received an email a month back from mum-writes notifying me that I won her giveaway! :) Just so you know, the contest is to give names for five different coins; dime, nickel, quarter, penny and a dollar.
My coins if ever shall have the names:
1 - baboosh
2 - yunnie
3 - vee
4 - moon
5 - artemis
The author herself and mum-writes chose the three winners and obviously, Im one of them! Yay! Several weeks later, I finally received my prize!
Oli's Uncommon Cents by Deborah Allen :D
Since it is sent by the author herself,
my book has her autograph on!
Started reading the book
the minute I opened the package! :)
I could read this up on one sitting but since I'm babysitting, I decided to take it slow, digest every pages in and so I ended up finishing the book after three days.
The book as you can see is thin enough, just enough for youngsters to enjoy. The way the story was told is very simple and clear. I learned and been reminded a lot of lifetime lessons and morals like love, trust and respect.. This is a refreshing book for me since there is no wicked witches doing evil things in a horrid place. And by this I realize that it is more children-friendly than any dark themed books because, you'll learn from them too but sometimes they learn the wrong things, like vengeance and angry and violence.
Deborah Allen is a children book author. Buy, Oli's Uncommon Cents, directly from the author. $8.00 plus $2.50 shipping and handling and know more about her by visiting her blog:


  1. what do you think is the target audience for this book? im interested. :)

    1. this is a children book but i think its also perfect for teens even young adults. :)
      Check out the author's blog to know more about this book and thanks for dropping by! :)


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