Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering The 9/11 Attack...

This was the most cruel terrorism attack 'till this day. And there was this time that I got obsessed about it that I research everything that happen on that day, of different views, and of different opinions.

Like from the calls of the flight attendants to their loved ones. How they were so calm while telling that their plane is hijacked and that they love them so much. How one plane crashed to the building and people thought it was an accident. How another plane crashed to the next building and people realize it was not an accident but an intended plot of murder. How people working from the trapped top floors where calling for help for the 911 rescue. How the telephone operators tried their best to keep the callers company, make them calm, that help is on the way. 

How one caller talked to the operator until the building collapse. I remember him, yes, it was Kevin Cosgrove. And I still think about him. How he said that his wife just rang her to come home because she saw in the news that the other building was on fire because a plane crashed in it. How the brave rescuers jog the stairways just to help the trapped people in the buildings. How it is so hot that people decided to just jump off the building...

This guy is an engineer, working on the upper floor. It is not really sure whether he fell or jumped...
Although the picture depicts that he fell, a video was taken and he is not free falling, he is relentlessly jerking his arms and legs, an indication he did not want to die. But then again, there are those who jumped.

How people are so horrified that all they did was scream and cry for help. How the buildings collapsed one after the other. How, after the buildings collapse people still tried to help one another while looking as white or grey as the pulverized buildings showered on everyone. I cried while watching the films and heard the cries and I thought and wished that it's just a movie, for it, was like a movie after all. It's so surreal to be true.
It gave me nightmares, and up until now I am horrified. How can we get justice for the deaths of those innocent lives? What I do now is just focus on the heroic actions of the rescuers, policemen, firemen and strangers. It was remarkable to help strangers at your own cost. New York now has a scar. And it will remain forever.
*photos not mine

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