Monday, December 02, 2013

Anew 360 White Vitalizing Cream

Packaging looks neat and compact.
Has cover inside aside from the outer shell for extra protection against evaporation, hence longer life of the product.
Heavy glass bottle. This looks sophisticated and laid back. Not for travelling though, just for vanity. This makes me nostalgic as  I think of luxurious nights with extra  time for vanity ritual - pampering before going to bed soft and smooth all over.
Supple, translucent fairness - this luxurious night cream promises moisturized and revitalized fairer skin.
- Help skin to naturally repair itself at night by boosting cell energy with its exclusive technology making it supple and glowing
- Minimize melanin production to help prevent darkening giving skin a more translucent surface and makes skin clarity improved
imageI used this for quite a while now. It smells sugary and sweet to me and reminds me of my SkinWhite Papaya Milk lotion.  Easily absorbed by skin making it instant smooth and soft. However, in the long run, I noticed that my skin breaks out more than usual. Tiny little bumps here and there especially on the cheeks and chin became more visible. Red tiny zits pops everywhere. I'm not sure why, as this products ingredients are the same as of some of my face products too. I let it rest for a couple of days just to let the redness and little zits recede and started to try it out again. Still the same effect unfortunately. I'll try to use this on my neck area only because I don't want to waste it. I've been loving the Avon's Anew Genics that's why I'm quite disappointed about this cream. I guess this isn't just for me. Have you tried Avon's Anew 360 White Vitalizing Cream?


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