Sunday, December 08, 2013

Elizabeth: Ishgaki Review (Premuim Glutathione Blend)

Hi everyone! I'm really sorry for those who are waiting for my Ishigaki Review! Because we're busy preparing for our big day! :)

So, I already finished taking 2 bottles of Ishigaki Premuim Glutathione Blend, a total of 60 capsules and as we know, it's not just for skin lightening but also also for the total wellness of skin, hairs, nails, and bones..

But on my experience, I didn't notice any changes on my skin, maybe because I didn't take it regularly because I always forget to drink it and I only take 60 capsules and one thing also is exposure on the sun.. But I'm not saying that it's not effective, maybe you have to continue taking it until you see the best results. :)
So, that's it! I will blog another Glutathione Brand soon.. :)

live, love, laugh,


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