Monday, December 30, 2013

Buried Alive and Fast

time runs firmly,
he neither waits nor hurry.
the grave is waiting.
oh dead! come and lay in me.
death grabs every possibilities,
to give pain, to give ache.
people are like mammoths,
they merely touch a soft chilli...
This might sound too depressing for someone on vacation mode, but this is one way of letting go. Letting bad things go. This is actually for Southern Leyte land/mudslide incident way back 2006. I don't have any relatives or friends in that area but my heart really was broken and my spirit shaken because of this event. I was mortified. This is for the students of a local elementary school in Saint Bernard located on the foot of the mountain ridge. This is now also for those lost lives in Yolanda's wrath.
The poem is hanging there, not complete. Just like the inevitable stop of their dreams and lives. But do not lose all hope, there's a strand of light, a strand of hope waiting for those faithfully waiting. Wait for the resurrection, it will come.


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